Nov 2016

one-little-light-isaiah-2-1-5-11-27-2016 One Little Light A Sermon for Baptist Church Bob Stillerman Isaiah 2:1-5 November 27, 2016 Advent is the audacious story of one pink candle. One. That’s it. But it’s burning bright. And that one bright light will change the world. Many, many moons ago, the people of Israel demanded a king. Samuel was leery: “A king will only disappoint you. It’s God’s world, don’t you know?” But still the people insisted, and God told Samuel: “Tell them: ‘have at it!’” It turns out that Samuel was right. Before too long, one......

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Dec 2015

12-6-2015 Advent Two – Voices of Mothers Exodus 2 1-10   The Voices of Mothers Second Sunday of Advent Sardis Baptist Church December 6, 2015 Exodus 2:1-10   During Advent, we continue to explore the voices of the mothers who have guarded our faith.  This week, we meet the women who nurtured and protected Moses: Jochebed, Miriam, and Pharaoh’s Daughter.   The Voice of Jochebed : Tillie Duncan   Those years were fearful and full of uncertainty.  We Israelites had lived in the land of Egypt for hundreds of years— but always......

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Nov 2015

11-29-2015 Advent One – Sarah and Hagar Gen 16 1-15 Hagar and Sarah A Sermon for Sardis Baptist Church November 29, 2015 Genesis 16:1-15 An Introduction to Advent On April 12, 1955, Jonas Salk announced the cure for polio. The following day, he received this letter: Dear Dr. Salk, Not the least among the many honors a grateful world bestows upon you are the blessings of a million mothers to whom your discovery means freedom from a most tragic fear. When I realize that my young daughter and another child as yet unborn will......

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