We promise…

  1. When you visit Sardis you will be warmly welcomed; you will be remembered by name and be known as little or as much as you care to share; you will not be another face in the crowd.
  2. You’ll be free to explore your pathway into the Christian faith among believers who will care more about you, than about the beliefs you are exploring; we welcome all who seek God.
  3. The worship service will be offered to God with sincerity, developed uniquely for that particular Sunday in the Christian year; we don’t do ‘canned’ worship.
  4. The sermon will be preached by a pastor who knows the congregation, the Bible and the challenges of our day; it will aim to stretch your mind, touch your emotions and deepen your faith.
  5. Children will be welcomed into an intergenerational community, where they may sit with family, their peers, or a new senior adult friend for worship, and be given age-appropriate opportunities for leadership.
  6. Younger children will be lovingly greeted by trained volunteers in worship care, where they will explore God and their world through play.
  7. At Sardis you’ll be free to find your place to serve as you feel called by God.